8 Signs He Is Going To Propose

If your relationship has reached the point where you are fairly certain a proposal is forthcoming, but your partner is trying to play it cool, there are some signs you can watch for that will be a dead giveaway that the event is imminent. Keep your eyes open and when you notice one or more of these indicators, start practicing your huge smile and “YES!”, because your partner is getting his ducks in a row:

1. He Starts To Act Really Nervous

Even if your guy is normally the high-strung type, once he has made up his mind to pop the question, his anxiety level will most likely skyrocket, and he isn’t going to be able to hide it. If you notice this happening and he isn’t indicating it’s because of work, or an illness, or any of the usual stressors, then he has something on his mind that he isn’t going to talk to you about until he is down on one knee.


2. He Starts Talking About The Future More Than Usual

If he has started talking about the future and using the word “we” a lot, then he is thinking long-term and he is either talking about it subconsciously, without realizing he is doing so, or he is testing the waters by throwing the subject out there and waiting for your reaction or response. The fact that he’s including you in his future speaks volumes. He’s already envisioned what it will be like having you by his side for life. And that means he’s going to be asking the Big Question sooner rather than later.


3. He Shows Interest In Meeting Or Spending Time With Your Parents And Family

If he’s already met your parents and they get along well, he may want to spend more time with them in order to ask for their blessing before proposing. If he hasn’t yet met your parents and other family members and he suddenly wants to do so, it’s a good bet he’s gearing up to propose, and he wants to get a feel for his future in-laws and extended family. This is a good thing because it’s always good for everyone to get to know each other before something as important as a marriage takes place.


4. He Starts To Become Concerned With Saving Money

He may have already purchased the engagement ring of your dreams, or he may be just starting to save up for it. Or he is building a nice nest egg for a new home, one to start a family in. Either way, if he suddenly starts to show some extra care in financial matters, he is likely getting ready to ask you to be his bride, and he wants to make sure the two of you will have the funds you need to start off your new life together on a great note.


5. He’s Being Nosey About Your Jewelry Preferences And Ring Size

You may catch him red-handed snooping through your jewelry box (calm down, if things have reached this point in your relationship chances are you’re not dealing with a cat burglar), or your BFF may let you know that he’s been asking questions about your ring size and if you have ever talked about what kind of engagement ring you would love to have someday. If it’s the former situation he will likely try to play it cool by saying he is trying to find out your ring size because he wants to buy you a birthstone ring or something for your birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day. And while there is a teensy chance that could be true, it really isn’t likely. But hey, give the poor fella a break and at least pretend to buy his story. Let him do this right and surprise you the way he’s probably been planning for quite a while now.


6. He Redecorates His Bachelor Pad

It’s been his man cave since college, and has the same stained carpet and beer mugs to prove it. All of a sudden the old carpet is replaced by nice new carpet, there are new (matching!) dishes in the kitchen, and the Playboy calendar has disappeared from the bedroom wall. Something is in the works, and chances are it isn’t an upcoming visit from his mother that has prompted these changes.


7. He Suddenly Doesn’t Find Attending Weddings Tantamount To A Root Canal

The same guy who used the excuse that his dog was sick to get out of attending your best friend’s wedding with you suddenly is asking YOU to attend a couple of weddings with him! Taking mental notes, gauging your reactions to things (the flowers, the music, etc), your fella isn’t missing a single thing when you two attend weddings together. He is ready to make his move and he wants to make sure your special day is going to be one you remember forever and ever.


8. He Plans A “Very Special” Or “Top-Secret” Outing


He may want you all to himself when he proposes, or he may recruit a group of friends and family members to share the special event, but either way he will want it to be a total surprise for you. So you aren’t likely to get very many details about where he is taking you for a very special date or a hush-hush getaway. He wants to make the proposal as special and memorable an event for you as your wedding day will be.

There may be other little giveaways as well, but these are pretty sure-fire indications that your man has decided you are the one he wants to spend his life with, and he is ready to make his move. So be prepared for one of the most magical events of your life, because it’s not too far from becoming a wonderful reality!