12 Sexiest Cougars You Need To Know About

Over the past years, people often saw an older man in the company of a young woman who many thought that she was her daughter only to find out that she is his wife or girlfriend. Many people frowned upon this kind of relationship for a long time but later,they came to soften their stand and embrace the relationship.

In the celebrity circles, cougars or women aged between 40 to 50 have been seen to embrace a young man below her age into a relationship with her. Today, young men are driven crazy by cougars who seem to have maintained themselves well therefore having well toned bodies.

Below are top 12 sexiest cougars you need to know about.

1. Demi Moore

She is one of the hottest cougars and female celebrity to have graced both the screen as well as the covers of various magazines. After her marriage to fellow co-star Bruce Willis, Demi Moore appetite for young men was seen to be on the rise.

For starters, she was married to Ashton Kutcher who was 15 years her junior but the marriage never lasted. Today, she is rumored to be dating Sean Friday, a drummer in the Band Dead Sara. Mr. Friday is said to be 24 years her junior.

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