12 Things Guys Love About Girls

There are a lot of ways to put a smile on your guy’s face. Some things are done intentionally and some of you are probably not even aware you’re doing. It’s the little things that guys love, the unintentional acts are the most irresistible. There are things you can do that will appear unintentional and will keep your guy smiling.

1. Getting ready to go out.

exercise-hacks-getting-ready-to-go-outvia: scstylecaster

You may not have left the bathroom door open a crack on purpose, but it certainly served a purpose. Watching as you get yourself ready for a night out and seeing the length you go to making yourself look good just to be by your guy’s side is fascinating. This look into a world only women go to that turns them from a wet-haired puppy look into a stunning beauty is absolutely magic-like.

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