10 Bad Habits That You Need To Break Today

We all have subconscious, annoying and downright irritating habits that we perform, quite often numerous times on a daily basis. These bad habits can affect our physical health and mental well being as well as how others can perceive us, both personally and professionally. The following list of 10 bad habits that you need to break today is a simple and explanatory guide that is not hard to implement into your everyday life.

1. Smoking

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I know we have all heard this before, but the evidence that supports smoking being bad for your health is overwhelming. From the increased risk of so many diseases like lung and mouth cancer, vascular disease and stroke, to the more cosmetic concerns such as yellow fingers and teeth, the smell associated with smoking and also the stigma that can sometimes be attached to being a smoker. If you find it hard to quit this bad habit on your own, seek support from your family doctor or pharmacist, there are many products and aids available to assist you to a smoke free life.


2 . Unhealthy Eating

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We are all guilty of the occasional indulgence in something we consider excessive, whether it’s a holiday celebratory meal or just not being bothered to cook for yourself. The horrifying reality is that all too many of us consume high levels of saturated fats and overly processed food on a daily basis. Simply by eliminating as many of these products out of your diet as possible and introducing as many fresh, unprocessed and organic alternatives that you can find, you will begin to feel results in the first few days.


3. Drinking Alcohol to Excess

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Another bad habit common among all too many of us, excessive or binge drinking is extremely harmful to many various parts of the body and can also be quite damaging to relationships, both professionally and personally. While one or two glasses have been proven to do no harm, the damages associated with excessive or binge drinking are widely reported.


4. Being A Couch Potato

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In this modern day of office jobs, available transport modes and technology, it is easy to see how people can become unfit and lazy, which in turn leads to ill health, missed opportunities and feeling even more lethargic. It is a vicious cycle, but it is one that can easily be broken. For example, when going to work try to walk or cycle, if this is to difficult to begin, simply take the stairs instead of the lift or park your car a little further than usual. Each and every extra movement that you make in the day will add to your overall sense of well being and in turn will slowly build up your bodies energy reserves.


5. Picking At Yourself Mentally

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With so many competitive people in this fast paced world and so many forms of media that showcase celebrities, models and other so called perfect people; we can all too easily lose our confidence and sense of self worth. This is one bad habit that can be broken relatively easily and painlessly. One good way to start is to begin your day by greeting yourself, telling yourself that you are confident, strong and priceless. You can choose any words you feel give you that boost of confidence.


6. Picking At Yourself Physically

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Picking at yourself physically is an awful but very common condition. People sometimes pick at themselves out of boredom, anxiety or other conditions. Picking at your skin can lead to sores, ulcers, severe infection and in worst case scenario amputation or death. If you suffer anxiety or another medical condition some treatments may ease your anxiety in turn easing your tendency to pick at yourself, please see your family doctor for more information.


7. Too Much Medication

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These days it seems you can buy a medicine to do just about everything, but that does not mean that you should. All too often we rush to the medicine cupboard at the first signs of a sniffle. While some medications can help relieve symptoms, they do not effect the total overall length of illness. Side effects, dosages and alternative therapy interaction all need to be taken into consideration when taking any medication, so always consult with your family doctor and stick to your prescribed amounts.’


8. Spending Too Much Money

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Spending too much money is a very common problem in our cash driven society. With credit cards, mortgages, personal loans and living expenses it is all too easy to live beyond our means. Try to pay cash for purchases if possible, stop or limit spending on credit cards, try not to impulse buy and find other ways to reduce your everyday living expenses. The stresses that go alongside money trouble play havoc with our physical and mental stability, try to make life a little less about the money and a little more about living.


9. Sleep Deprivation

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Just as nutrition and exercise play a vital role in our overall sense of well being, so does sleep. Try to go to bed at around the same time each night and wake around the same time each morning. Make sure you allow time to unwind at the end of the day, wear appropriate sleepwear and try to aim for between 7 and 10 hours of sleep a night.


10. Unhealthy Relationships

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We have all been guilty of this at one stage or another in our life. A friend or even partner may not be such a great influence on our life, yet we continue to help them and to be there for them. Why?, is it out of pity or are we scared? Regardless of whatever reason you justify their behavior with, it is not acceptable. A healthy relationship, either partnership or friendship is based on mutual growth, trust, care and respect. Make the most of your life and your relationships, and don’t let them bring you down.