10 Physical Changes That Happen When You’re In Love

Falling in love can be a very emotional time for most people. The connection you feel is much deeper than emotions however. You can experience many changes to your mind and body as well. Some of the physical aspects of falling in love can be odd, uncomfortable, and downright funny. You may feel like you are going crazy or acting like a completely different person.

1. Elevated Cortisol Levels

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At the beginning of your relationship, your cortisol levels will rise. Cortisol is the hormone in your body that is responsible for anxiety. This is most likely because falling in love, and embracing a new, budding romance can be very stressful. Of course the so called love hormone, oxytocin, is present as well. This hormone causes the exact opposite response in your body. As you begin to feel more comfortable, the oxytocin will start to outnumber the cortisol. Elevated oxytocin will make you want to snuggle and cuddle while letting you feel safe and comfortable. Kissing is also linked to lowering your cortisol levels.


2. Beautiful Oxytocin

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The oxytocin levels in your body are very important for long term relationship success. The beginning stages of new romance are fun and excited, often referred to as the honeymoon phase. The honeymoon has to end some time, real life has to keep going and someone has to do the laundry. While you are taking turns folding the towels and cleaning out the litter box, your oxytocin levels will stay elevated for the long haul. This hormone is responsible for keeping the love alive once the honeymoon is over.


3. My Heart Be Still

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Compliments of yet more hormones gone wild, your heart rate will increase and you will get more oxygen flowing as well. Epinephrine and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters. Another famous related hormone that belongs in the same group is dopamine. These work together with your flight or fight response. You can also experience sweaty palms, nervousness, and falling over yourself. As awkward as you can feel, the hormone rollercoaster will come to an end.


4. OCD – Obsessive Crush Disorder

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When you are falling in love, your serotonin levels will decrease. While you are feeling the epinephrine and oxytocin, you will also find yourself constantly thinking about your new other half. The drop in serotonin is to blame for your new obsessive thoughts. People with disorders such as being obsessive compulsive also experience a drop in serotonin. Along with the endless barrage of thoughts, you can feel mood swings as well. While your hormones are probably driving you crazy, they are also making you feel happy, emotionally intoxicated and you can enjoy the process of love.


5. Lost Sleep

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An unsavory side affect of thinking about your new love to the point of obsessing, it will keep you up at night. It can be difficult to fall asleep at night when you brain won’t stop working. Several regions in your brain are put on high alert when you are in love which can make it challenging to get your brain to sleep.


6. Perfection

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Studies have shown relationships where one or both involved feel they are dating someone better than themselves tend to last longer. When you feel lucky that your partner chose you, you will be more inclined to make them happy, because you want them to keep you. The feeling that your new partner is perfect will help you overlook minor differences, helping add longevity and feelings of bliss.


7. Balancing Testosterone Act

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Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily in the reproductive organs. Men have larger amounts of testosterone than women. However, when you are in love, men have a lower level, while it will rise in women. Some suggest this is nature’s way of leveling the playing field, while others think it is linked to an active love life. The changing levels of testosterone help you see your partner in a more forgiving light, showing that yet again, love is blind.


8. Aches Be Gone

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Another wonderful effect of the new raging love hormones is your body will feel better. You will have physical changes that give you more energy and decrease pain. The mixture of oxytocin and endorphins are a natural pain reliever. The more you snuggle and kiss, the better you will literally feel.


9. Bad Judgements

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Dopamine is the chemical released in your brain that creates euphoria. Drug addictions are caused by illegal substances producing a spike in dopamine. Because it makes you feel so good, you can become irrational, wanting to experience your next high. Well, being in love increases your dopamine levels. That means you show bad decision making and poor judgement, without really understanding why.


10. Everything Comes To An End

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It will take roughly a year of being in a happy, healthy relationship for your body to get back to normal. As your dopamine, oxytocin and epinephrine levels return to normal, you will become the old you. The honeymoon phase will end; the lust and newness will be gone. Don’t be sad at the ending of puppy love though. What you will be left with is a deeper love and the hopes of a long lasting relationship.


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