10 Reasons Why People Cheat

When people enter a monogamous relationship, the two people involved make a promise to one another to be faithful, both emotionally and physically. For two people in love, one would think it should be easy to be faithful and refrain from engaging in sexual activities with anyone else. Yet, relationship infidelity can be found in countless marriages and partnerships. Cheating is a common occurrence and has been an issue with couples since couples have existed, so what is it that drives partners to make unfaithful choices?

1. Lack of Emotional Fulfillment

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One of the most common reasons that people cheat on their partners is due to a lack of emotional fulfillment in their relationship. When a person feels neglected or a lack of intimacy in a relationship, or they simply feel that they are not getting enough from their significant other, that person will often turn to an affair. Often times, relationships that start out passionate and intimate simmer down after a time, and the people who miss that intimacy will tend to look for it elsewhere.


2. Unmet Intimacy Needs

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Some people have higher sex drives than others. If one person in a relationship feels that he or she needs more intimacy than the partner is willing to give, this can cause issues for a relationship. With one partner’s sexual desires left unchecked, that person may turn to another for the sexual satisfaction not given by his or her partner


3. Money or Fame

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Celebrities or people who have a high income or status are often more likely to cheat on their partners than regular individuals. People who are highly recognized by society, such as musicians, actors, or other famous titles tend to constantly have other people throwing themselves at them or fawning over them. Unfortunately, when people make it so easy, it is difficult for some to resist, even if they have a partner or spouse waiting for them at home. It is also plausible that some people, once they rise to fame, feel that they have some level of entitlement and don’t see a problem with cheating.


4. Attraction

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Perhaps the one of the simplest reasons that a partner might be unfaithful is no more than a feeling of attraction for another person. In a moment of weakness, it can be easy for some to slip up in a relationship if they find themselves seduced by someone that they find attractive.


5. Different Lives

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Sometimes, when couples start to feel as though they have less in common with one another than they did previously, they will start looking elsewhere to find someone who shares their interests. When partners cannot find anything that they enjoy doing together, it can drive a wedge between them and lead them to step out on one another.


6. Boredom

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In certain cases, the reason that people cheat is merely boredom. A partner may feel the need to step outside the normal routine and explore the unknown, which is actually quite a natural inclination. However, it can leave the other partner feeling betrayed and undesired.


7. Only Sex

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It is not quite as common in women as it is in men, but some people cheat simply because to them, it is no more than sex. When love and sex are two entirely different ideas to a person, that person might not see a problem with cheating, because it doesn’t mean that they don’t love their partner. They just want sex and it doesn’t matter if it happens with another person.


8. Self Esteem

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If someone is unsure of him- or herself or lacks confidence sexually, that person will look to another for reassurance. They might feel anxious with their partner in the belief that they simply are not good enough or worry that they will not be able to satisfy the partner. However, they may not feel as uncomfortable with someone whose opinion does not matter to them as much, and find themselves able to open up sexually with another person more easily than with their partner.


9. Intoxication

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When people are drunk, they tend to make poor decisions. If someone is drinking at a bar, and another person comes along who is all too willing, it doesn’t necessarily matter if there is a partner or even a family at home. Likely, the unfaithful partner won’t remember the incident in the morning.


10. Revenge

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There are times when, if a person finds out that their partner has been unfaithful, will also cheat in order to get back at them. They want their partner to know how hurtful it is, and use intercourse with another person in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

Infidelity takes place in thousands of relationships every day, often times without the knowledge of the faithful partner. The reasons that people cheat are great in number, but rarely are they ever excusable by the victim. There is perhaps no more excruciating pain than the feeling of betrayal by a trusted loved one. Relationships take time and work in order to make them successful, and people have to be willing to go the distance and make a few sacrifices for that to happen.


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