8 Signs He Is Going To Propose

If your relationship has reached the point where you are fairly certain a proposal is forthcoming, but your partner is trying to play it cool, there are some signs you can watch for that will be a dead giveaway that the event is imminent. Keep your eyes open and when you notice one or more of these indicators, start practicing your huge smile and “YES!”, because your partner is getting his ducks in a row:

1. He Starts To Act Really Nervous

Nervousvia: jackmalcolm

Even if your guy is normally the high-strung type, once he has made up his mind to pop the question, his anxiety level will most likely skyrocket, and he isn’t going to be able to hide it. If you notice this happening and he isn’t indicating it’s because of work, or an illness, or any of the usual stressors, then he has something on his mind that he isn’t going to talk to you about until he is down on one knee.

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